Protect your purchases from package thieves this holiday season

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WEST JORDAN (ABC4 Utah News) – Cyber Monday saw an expected $6.6 billion dollars in online retail sales nationwide but will the gifts wind up in your hands or in those of a package thief?

West Jordan Police are looking for one Grinch they’re calling a “porch pirate”  who struck last week near 8020 South and 5100 West.

“We don’t recognize this person,” Sergeant J.C. Holt told ABC4 Utah News. “We weren’t able to get the license plate on the car so we thought we’d put it up on our Facebook page and get it out there for the public to see.”

They say he was probably cruising the neighborhood looking for an easy opportunity like several ABC4 Utah saw in just a few minutes driving around Monday.

One house in West Jordan had two packages on the doorstep with no apparent surveillance cameras and nobody out on the street. Police say there are things you can do to protect yourself.

“Some people have had their packages delivered to their workplace,” Sgt. Holt said. “That’s a good idea. Also requiring a signature at the pick up so the package can’t be left behind unless somebody’s home.”

9 months ago, Adam Gardiner installed a video doorbell as a deterrent. Through an app, he can keep an eye on his front porch on his cellphone or laptop.

“People see our doorbell, know that it has a camera on it,” Gardiner said. “They know we’re watching them.”

Adam’s camera has a motion detector so the second that somebody steps on his doorstep, be it a package thief, a salesperson or a TV reporter, he sees the video live.

“We wanted to make sure that if someone ever did take a package from us, we would get a clear picture of the guy,” Gardiner said.

 Police say the safest thing to do is not have your purchases delivered at all. Instead arrange to pick them up at another location.

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