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SALT LAKE CITY (News4Utah) The group behind the Utah Medical Cannabis Act also known as Proposition 2 filed an election complaint against the opposition.

The Utah Patients Coalition filed a complaint with Lieutenant Governor’s Office Tuesday alleging Drug Safe Utah is “purposefully misleading Utah voters” about medical marijuana and Proposition 2.

Utah Patients Coalition said these actions include radio ads, mailing flyers, canvassing voters and making public statements to “deliberately confuse and mislead the public.”

As an example, the coalition said in one radio ad, Drug Safe Utah is saying Prop 2 is actually about recreational use and not medical.

The coalition, however, maintains Prop 2 is a strictly medical program requiring physician-approved treatment for a specific list of medical conditions.

“Utah deserves an honest and public debate on this important issue of medical cannabis.  Deceiving the public with half-truths and falsehoods undermines public discourse and trust.  We call on Drug Safe Utah and its coalition members to engage in a thoughtful and trustworthy debate, one based on facts and truth,” said Utah Patients Coalition Director DJ Schanz.

Utah Patients Coalition said Drug Safe Utah is responsible for other misleading statements:

  • “Medical marijuana is already legal in Utah. Your doctor can prescribe it, or you can buy it over the counter.”
  • “For the 19 months between passage and implementation of Prop 2, marijuana possession and use will be completely legal. This means that for 19 months anyone can use, possess, and grow marijuana legally, and local law enforcement will no longer enforce marijuana laws.”

Drug Safe Utah said Tuesday it stands by its public statements and ads. It responded with these rebuttals.

  • Drug Safe Utah said the legislature passed two bills allowing physicians in Utah to recommend marijuana-based medicines to terminally-ill patients in the last six months of their lives so long as in medicinal form.  It also says physicians can prescribe marijuana-based drugs approved by the FDA. It also says Utahns can now buy CBD oil, a marijuana extract medicine, over the counter.
  • Also according to Drug Safe Utah: Proposition 2, which was drafted in part by the marijuana industry, contains none of the traditional safeguards of medical practice; instead, it makes recreational marijuana easily accessible.  Under Proposition 2, an individual could go to optometrists, podiatrists, dentists and Pas and others, as well as doctors to get a “medical referral” card to then take to a pot shop to be filled, not by a pharmacist, but by any employee over 21 years of age, with no medical training, where they can buy any form of recreational marijuana in any intensity and dosage, up to the equivalent of 120 joints every two weeks. Unlike prescribed medicines, there is no dosage, no physician follow up required, no disclosure of risks.  This creates an environment for recreational marijuana to flourish. 

Drug Safe Utah has support from representatives of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Utah Medical Association, Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce, Utah Sheriff’s Association and Utah Parent Association.

A recent poll found support for Prop 2 following the Latter-day Saints Church opposition dipped, but nearly two-thirds of Utahns still support the medical cannabis ballot initiative. 

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