BREAKING UPDATE: One person in custody in connection to the case. Updates can be found here.

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 News) – Private investigator Rob Joseph says the person of interest in the disappearance of Mackenzie Lueck likely lured her to a North Salt Lake park for a reason.

“I think he wanted to take her away from his home, take suspicion off,” said Joseph.

Weeks ago, randomly, Joseph met Lueck at a bar.

“She was a lighthearted bubbly person, full of adventure,” said Joseph.

Last week, he realized that same person had disappeared.

“I became aware that Mackenzie’s the girl that went missing,” said Joseph.

So he did what he does best: he started investigating.

“I believe this was her first contact with this guy,” said Joseph.

Although police haven’t identified the person of interest, they do confirm he is the owner of the home where search warrants were served Wednesday evening.

“The guy that owns the house, the guy that’s the person of interest, lived across the street from that park in 2016, and was evicted from that residence — and that’s public record,” said Joseph.

“If he was premeditated in his interest to do this, he would have picked that park, had her meet him there, and then he would have drove to his house with her. And that way there was no way to trace him from the drop off point at the park to his home,” said Joseph.


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