Prevent falls by ‘walking like a penguin,’ says American Red Cross

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) Every year thousands are injured from walking on the snow and ice-covered parking lots, sidewalks and steps. Rich Woodruff, Director of Communications and Marketing with the American Red Cross, joined Emily Clark with some tips to protect yourself.

Woodruff says, taking it slow and wearing the right shoes will certainly help, but he also says one of the best practices is to walk like a penguin! 

Walk like a penguin:
Point your feet out slightly like a penguin.
Bend slightly and walk with your center of gravity directly over your feet as much as possible.

Don’t text and walk:
If you are carrying an item, make sure your load is stable.
Do not obstruct your view.
Clean your shoes when you get inside.
Caked snow and ice on shoe soles can cause slips and falls.
Wear appropriate footwear:
Heels=falls (if you need them, bring a separate pair of shoes for the snow and for the office). 
Shoes should have proper ankle and heel support and non-skid strips on the bottom.
Use handrails wherever they are provided.
Use designated walkways.
Assume all wet, dark areas on pavement are black ice.
Tips for getting out of a vehicle:
Never step down without looking first at where your feet will go.
Swing both legs out.
Place both feet, flatfooted, on the ground.
Grab onto the door frame or steering wheel for support.
Use at least three points of contact-two feet and one hand.
Don’t let go until your footing is secure.

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