President Trump says ban on bump stocks coming soon

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WASHINGTON (News4Utah) – Last October, more than 50 people were killed and hundreds more injured after a man opened fire at a music festival in Las Vegas. Since then, some lawmakers have been working to ban a device used by the shooter.

The device is called a bump stock, and it helps a semi-automatic weapon fire like an automatic weapon. Before the deadly massacre, bump stocks were a relatively unknown device, but have since become a focal point in the gun control debate.

After the shooting, lawmakers from both sides of the aisle pushed for a ban on the devices. The first sign of change came in February when the Trump administration ordered the Justice Department to issue regulations banning bump stocks. However, change has been slow.

“They’re hoping to do something very quickly at the federal level, although I have read that there are going to be a number of groups that are going to litigate this issue and file suit immediately,” said Representative Patrice Arent, Utah House District 36.

Several states have already passed their own regulations banning them. Utah is not one of them, but lawmakers including Rep. Arent are drafting legislation for the upcoming session.

“They can kill so many people. You look at what happened in Las Vegas. 1100 rounds went off, killed so many people, injured hundreds and hundreds more. And that happened in just a few minutes,” said Arent.

On the one year anniversary, another step forward on the federal level. President Trump said in a press conference, a ban is coming soon, within the next couple of weeks.

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