Prepare to see more police patrols along Jordan River

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SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – More funding will allow for police patrols whose jurisdictions lie along the entirety of the Jordan River to focus on increasing crime there. 

From the Great Salt Lake to Utah Lake, 12 police jurisdictions will be adding more officers to patrol the river, which has become a popular place for criminals, according to Forestry Division spokesman Jason Curry. 

“We’ve gotten more reports of burglaries, assauls,” said Curry. “People are gonna see more officers on bike patrol and on foot patrol,” he added. 

“We’ve had a lot of public feedback that Jordan River doesn’t feel safe…it feels less safe than ever before,” Curry said. 

He also suggested the recent Operation Rio Grande in downtown Salt Lake City to address homelessness in that area has spread criminal activity down the river, with shifty individuals preying on the vulnerable homeless population. Curry said there has been an increase in illegal encampments, which also means more trash and danger for wildlife along the river. 

By addressing the criminal element, Curry said he believes the Jordan River and the Parkway Trail that runs along it will become more inviting. 

The public can now report suspicious, non-emergency activity on a criminal reporting database

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