BRYCE CANYON, Utah (ABC4) – Officials at Bryce Canyon National Park are calling on visitors to slow down after a pregnant pronghorn was fatally struck in a hit-and-run incident Saturday.

“The fastest land animal in North America needs us all to slow down,” park officials say. “Nothing in the park is worth endangering its wildlife by speeding, and respecting posted speed limits is all about respecting the lives that make Bryce Canyon so special.”

Rangers report the pronghorn was struck along the main road near Bryce Canyon National Park’s entrance sign. Posted speed limits from the entrance through the Bryce Amphitheater area are 30 mph and below.

According to officials, those lower speed limits protect the wildlife along roadsides. That includes not only pronghorns, but mule deer, prairie dogs, snakes, and birds.

“This time of year is a time to be especially vigilant as many species are giving birth to young ones,” the park says.