Possible record breaking temperatures hit Southern Utah

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St. George, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) -It’s the first day of summer and people in Southern Utah are dealing with record breaking triple digits. Good4Utah’s Lauren Matthias was there, pregnant, and feeling the heat.

“I’m actually part of one of the most vulnerable groups to heat. I’m 8-months-pregnant and a heat wave like this can have some serious health consequences. So, I went to the doctor to get some tips to stay safe,” said Matthias.

Doctors say finding shade and drinking water is vital.

“Prevention is way better than a cure when it comes to heat exhaustion, or heat stroke or just dehydration,” said Dr. Matthew McIff, a Family Physician in St. George.

St. George hit 112 degree Tuesday, and the possible record temperatures look like they’re here to stay.

With pregnancy or medical conditions, or older age, or younger age—fluid shifts are not quite as robust. The general recommendation is to avoid extended exposure, stay in more,” said McIff.

All those summer vacationers who are in St. George to explore the red rock, you might be better off going to the pool this week or relaxing inside, because heat stroke can hit.

“In this kind of weather with 115 degrees, we have to limit our outdoor exposure and activities. Do your activities early in the morning, or late in the evening when the temperatures are more moderate and less hazardous,” said McIff

Above all, stay hydrated!

“Hydration is key. Plan well, prepare well, prepare with fluids and hydration. Prepare with adequate clothing, cover-up, shade, not only seeking shade, but shading your body.”

“‘I’m going to take that doctors advice, and and go inside and enjoy some air conditioning and some water,” said Matthias.

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