Poor air quality expected through weekend

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – There are warnings in effect for air quality along the Wasatch Front for those considered to be in sensitive groups. Which includes people with breathing related illnesses, the elderly, and the young.

The other major issue this time of year is higher levels of ozone which can cause more issues than the haze, and particles in the air. Dr. Denitza Blagev is the Director Schmidt Chest Center at Intermountain Medical Center. She notes the hottest parts of the day is when the ozone is at it’s worst.

“In general for ozone the levels are higher during the afternoon heat of the day. Sort of the hottest time of the day,” said Dr. Blagev

Ozone can be especially harsh on those in sensitive groups, but others can also experience issues after long term exposure.

Sky Provencher-Heath is a boxer who trains at Liberty Park on a regular basis. Even though he doesn’t have any lung aliments he’s noticed issues over the last week.

“I’ve been trying to up my regiment, and I thought this part was going to be healthy all times of the day and it’s kind of weird that it’s not,” said Provencher-Heath.

He said the air has been so rough he’s had to change his training routine and time to cope. Experts note those who do strenuous exercise can also feel bad effects over time.

Even when the haze is gone the ozone levels can still be elevated. Dr. Blagev suggest people continue to check the rates of ozone through DEQ before planning their days or going outside.

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