WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah (ABC4) – Following a stabbing and shooting in West Valley City over the weekend, a woman tells police that the man who was stabbed was trying to sexually assault her.

Police have arrested Terica Joneil Savas-Caldwell, 39. on charges of felony discharge of a firearm and assault of violence on a health care provider.

Officers initially responded to reports of a stabbing near West Trinity Avenue on Saturday night. When they arrived, they found a man lying face down on the front porch of the home with a gunshot wound in his back, according to a probable cause statement.

Officers also found another man in the kitchen area of the home with what “appeared to be a stab wound near his left collar bone.”

Both men were transported to the hospital in critical condition, and are expected to survive their injuries.

Before being given a sedative, one of the victims told police that “Jericho” shot him before he lost consciousness, police say.

Police say Savas-Caldwell was located at the home and she told police that the man with the gunshot wound tried to rape her. She also told police that the man who tried to stop the sexual assault was stabbed by the man who tried to rape her. She said she then shot the man, according to a probable cause statement.

When interviewing Savas-Caldwell’s relative, he said he saw a man fleeing towards the front door when Savas-Caldwell shot him.

Savas-Caldwell fainted at the scene and was transported to a hospital where she refused to speak with officers and attempted to leave, police say.

Savas-Caldwell also reportedly kicked a hospital staff member while police were attempting to place her in a wheelchair, a probable cause statement shows.

She was booked into Salt Lake County Jail on Sunday.