BEAVER COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – A suspect in Beaver County was arrested following a high-speed chase that reached over 120 mph on Tuesday.

Utah High Patrol (UHP) says an officer clocked Christiane Dukes, 62, going 108 mph on I-15 near mile marker 117. In the police report, officer David Bairett says that as he was gaining on the vehicle with his lights and siren on it was forced to slow down to about 65 mph while driving behind a semi-truck. When the vehicle was reportedly noncompliant with police requests to pull over, Bairett says he pulled up alongside the car and made another attempt to get Dukes to pull over using his siren and horn with continued no response.

“I have had times where drivers expect you to pull in front, so I tried that too,” said UHP Officer Bairett in his affidavit. “At that time, the vehicle bolted out to the left lane and passed at high speed and continued at a very high speed.”

Bairett called in a pursuit and chased the vehicle to mile marker 71 where it reportedly ran over road spikes laid out by State Troopers. After being spiked, police records state that Dukes continued on until the front tires of her vehicle went flat and the vehicle came to stop on the right shoulder near mile marker 70. After several attempts to get Dukes to exit the car, police say she complied, exiting the vehicle safely while telling officers she was about to pass out.

After being cleared by medical teams, Dukes was transported to Beaver Jail. She is facing several charges: one count of Reckless Driving, one count of Failing to Stop or Respond at Command of Police, one count of Speeding 100 MPR or More, and one count of Driving a Suspended or Revoked License. 

Police say Dukes had been driving on a suspended license and had two warrants for arrest prior to this incident.