WEST VALLEY, Utah (ABC4) – The man accused of beating another man unconscious over a $20 debt in West Valley has been charged by police.

Julian Romero, 22, was taken into custody on Thursday, Sept. 30 after an investigation led police to a Taylorsville residence where his car was located.

Romero has been charged with the first degree felonies of aggravated robbery and aggravated kidnapping, a second degree felony of possession of a gun by a restricted person, and a third degree felony charge of aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon.

ORIGINAL STORY: POLICE: West Valley man beaten over $20 debt

Friday, September 30 // 2:13 p.m.

WEST VALLEY, Utah (ABC4) – A man was beaten over a $20 debt in West Valley on Thursday, police say.

West Valley Police arrested Julian Romero, 22, accused of beating a victim into unconsciousness over a $20 debt. According to police, the victim said he was assaulted in the back of a car near 3400 South and 3600 West. The victim told police he borrowed $20 from Romero and they agreed to meet at the location where the incident took place. 

When the victim went outside, he reported seeing four men in the car, including Romero. The victim told police he was then pistol-whipped with two firearms, one of which was described as a black revolver. Romero and the other three men reportedly then forced the victim into his home where they took $300 cash, a JBL speaker, a stun gun, and an iPad. 

The victim reported he lost consciousness from being beaten.

Police later found the car parked outside of a Taylorsville residence. A plainclothes detective reportedly walked by the vehicle and saw blood on the back seat. 

Police took Romero into custody and confirmed with police that the car belonged to him. He also reportedly told police he slept in a room upstairs in the residence the car was found. Officers obtained a search warrant, where detectives say they found bloody clothes and a black revolver. 

Romero has been booked into Salt Lake County Jail accused of aggravated robbery (first degree felony), aggravated kidnapping (first degree felony), transaction of firearm by class I restricted person (second degree felony), and aggravated assault (third degree felony).