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KEARNS, Utah (ABC4) – The Unified Police Department served a search warrant on Tuesday evening at the home of a Kearns woman who was kidnapped and murdered in February.

According to Sergeant Melody Cutler of the Unified Police Department, the warrant is being served in relation to the investigation into the kidnapping and murder of 25-year-old Nicole Solorio-Romero.

Police said that on Feb. 6, Solorio-Romero was kidnapped and taken to a West Valley City apartment.

Officials said that two men, Orlando Esiea Tobar, 29, and Jorge Medina-Reyes, 21, took Solorio-Romero to the apartment, where Tobar questioned her about information relating to the arrest of one of his close associates. Charging documents state that there were several witnesses inside the apartment at the time. Solorio-Romero denied talking to police, according to charging documents.

Documents also say that Solorio-Romero allegedly told one of the witnesses inside the apartment that Tobar and Medina-Reyes had killed her husband and that he did not commit suicide as the witness believed.

The charging documents said that Tobar told police that Solorio-Romero “knew too much” and she was then shot in the back of the head.

Witnesses in the apartment later saw Solorio-Romero’s body being wrapped in plastic and placed into the back of a truck with the help of a third man referred to in the charging documents as “The Mechanic.”

Solorio-Romero’s body has not yet been found.

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.