Police search for suspects who opened fire into Magna Wendy’s

Local News

MAGNA (ABC4 Utah News) – Customers and employees were left shaken but not injured Wednesday when unidentified young men fired shots into the Wendy’s at 3500 South, 8000 West.

Police and witnesses say a gold Mazda 6i pulled up in front at 3:15 Wednesday afternoon and the suspect opened fire into the restaurant.

16 year old Maya Cruz was inside eating with two friends.

“They start shooting. They take their hand out and start shooting,” Cruz said. “They come around and start shooting the windows and me and my friend are just like panicking. We’re screaming.”

Asked what was going through her mind as the shots are being fired and the glass is breaking, Cruz replied, “I was terrified because I’m pregnant so I didn’t want to get shot at and I wasn’t trying to die.”

Fortunately none of the bullets struck anyone inside.

“It’s just property damage to the Wendy’s. Thankfully nobody was hit,” Lieutenant Brian Lohrke of the Salt Lake Unified Police Department said. “Multiple rounds were shot and as you can see from the windows, we’re very lucky this afternoon…This is very scary when you have bullets flying in a residential neighborhood, people sitting down to eat inside Wendy’s. It could have been a lot worse than what we’re experiencing right now.”

Cruz said the intended target was an armed young man inside.

“Some kid in the Wendy’s he had a gun,” Cruz told ABC4 Utah News. “He threw it at some girls and he picks it up again and then he puts it in his pocket and then hides behind us…There were some people that came in and I told them ‘That kid had a gun’ and they tried to get it from him and he ran.”

Less than two hours after the shooting, Salt Lake Unified Police tracked down two juvenile suspects at nearby Jefferson Junior High School. Those juveniles were questioned and later released.

Paramedics treated one person at the scene. We were told that person suffered a panic attack.

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