Police: Poor habits lead to preventable crashes in winter weather conditions

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SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah (News4Utah) – The snow created some dangerous driving conditions across the Wastach Front well into the evening.

Police responded to dozens of crashes and slide-offs. Officers say bad habits can lead to these crashes.

“Can we have medical come out one gal would like to get checked out,” said Lt. Manny Lassig.

The snow and slick conditions led to several crashes and slide-offs around the valley.

Lt. Manny Lassig with Unified Police Department says it’s often the same driving factors which lead to issues.

“You get people driving way too fast in these weather conditions following too closely,” said Lt. Lassig.

Officers say something as simple as not clearing all the snow off your car can cause problems.

“Like I said the back window is covered up she can’t see what’s behind her,” said Lt. Lassig.

Lt. Lassig says it’s the bad driving habits people normally have which lead to more trouble in the snow.

Lt. Lassig: “Do you know why I pulled you over?”
Driver: “Maybe Speeding?”
Lt. Lassig: “Maybe speeding, maybe following too close, maybe some lane changes.”

Authorities say people can become over confident because of their cars ability or four-wheel drive, but that doesn’t mean it’s safer.

“You can get going. You can’t stop any faster,” said Lt. Lassig.

Speed and following too closely are some of the biggest factors in snow crashes, and that’s why officers are cracking down.

“I can tell you’re in a hurry. The way you blew by me and following that car and the bad weather the roads are getting icy,” said Lt. Lassig.

As the sun started to set Lt. Lassig pointed out how quickly the roadways went from wet to icy.

He says the change in road conditions can catch people off guard, it’s why everyone needs to slow down.

Police say people should give themselves plenty of time to get where they’re going, so they are less tempted to speed.

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