Police: Man strangles and kills dog, admits he wants to join military to ‘kill people’

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*WARNING: Story contains graphic content.

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – A 20-year-old man was arrested and charged with animal torture after admitting to police he killed his dog and often has thoughts of killing people. 

According to charging documents, police received a call from a man with a concern for a friend of his, Cailean Torquil Macdona Macleod, who told him that he had killed his dog and wanted to join the military to kill people. He said Macleod also told him he enjoyed hurting his dog and loved and found pleasure in “choking” her.

The man asked the police to do a welfare check at Macleod’s home because Macleod made a statement about not wanting to hurt his girlfriend, documents state.

The court documents state when police went to the home of Macleod and his girlfriend, they were told by the girlfriend they had purchased their dog “Mocha” together and she had died on January 23. At first, the girlfriend told police the dog had died from a blood clot or strangulation from a cone she was wearing. It was later revealed the dog was wearing a cone due to Macleod throwing her down the stairs, breaking her leg, and having to have it amputated.

The girlfriend stated to police Mocha was afraid of Macleod.

According to documents, Macleod came to the girlfriend and told her he had strangled Mocha on Jan 22 and “knew he had taken it too far”.

He told his girlfriend he strangled her, cut her tongue with a knife, punched her in the head and had kicked her before putting her in her kennel, documents further stated.  

While explaining to his girlfriend what he had done to the dog, Macleod allegedly grabbed her by the neck and pushed her up against the wall to “show her how he would pick up Mocha by the throat, choking her, and pushing her up against the wall”.

The girlfriend said she told Macleod she was afraid of him and wanted to leave but Macleod then took her phone and car keys and refused to let her leave. He then stood in front of the door and told her he has thought about killing her before and he wanted to break up with her because he was afraid he would hurt her, according to charging documents.

Police said during an interview with them, Macleod admitted to killing Mocha and throwing Mocha down 20 stairs previously. He told police he mostly wanted to “inflict pain” on the dog and had killed her by strangling her. He also admitted to taking his girlfriend’s keys and phone and prevented her from leaving.

Macleod then told police he has struggled with the thought of killing people and wondering if he would like it. He wanted to be a drone pilot in the military because they have a high kill ratio, according to documents.

Macleod was arrested and charged with 3rd-degree felony torture of a companion animal and misdemeanor unlawful detention.

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