Police: Man rams into school bus full of children, claims Satan was chasing him

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AMERICAN FORK (ABC4 News)- A man was arrested on the American Fork Temple grounds after causing quite a scene in Pleasant Grove and American Fork Wednesday.

According to the police report, 40-year-old Brant Jay Diediker collided the car he was driving into the back of a school bus full of about 20 children near 600 West State Street in Pleasant Grove around 4 p.m.

Witnesses said Diediker then tried to make drivers of other vehicles let him in, at one point the police report states Diediker struck the driver’s window of a vehicle with his fists and then he elbowed the window in attempts to break it.

His efforts proved unsuccessful. Diediker then approached a large box truck and ordered the driver to “take him to the Temple,” the police report states.

Witnesses say the driver of the box truck got out and Diediker took off with the truck.

Police chased him to the temple grounds of the LDS Temple in American Fork where they say Diediker admitted to colliding with the bus and claimed Satan was chasing him.

Investigators report Diediker admitted that a “Dab and pen” that were found on scene belonged to him. They say a field urinalysis showed positive for THC (Tetrahydracannabinol which is the psychoactive chemical in Cannabis Concentrate or Dab).

Diediker was booked into jail on 29 counts including aggravated assault and drug-related charges.

No children were injured.

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