SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – Police are investigating after anti-mask protestors disrupted a Granite School District meeting Tuesday night and approached school board members, Ben Horsley, the district spokesperson says.

“Several individuals approached board members in an effort to intimidate them, so the safety of the board and employees was a concern,” Horsley tells ABC4.

According to Horsley, police from Granite School District and South Salt Lake were present and helped to de-escalate the situation. The incident caused the meeting to be adjourned.

“Police are investigating to identify the main aggressors and are evaluating appropriate legal action,” he says.

The school board was planning to review a policy revision and a schedule adjustment before the meeting’s adjournment. Nothing mask-related was on the agenda at all, Horsley says.

The protest comes with less than two weeks left in the school year for Granite School District.

The board meeting was livestreamed on the district’s YouTube channel.

Around the 40 minute mark of the video, which you can see below, those who are against the school district’s mask mandate became agitated, and chants of “no more masks!” filled the room.

Protesters then approached the front of the room where board members were sat, abruptly ending the meeting.