SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) – This year, the Utah Attorney General’s Office continued its tradition of “Operation Give Back,” giving out unexpected gifts to families during traffic stops.

The event, organized by the Investigations Division every Christmas, calls for the Attorney General’s law enforcement officers, along with Unified Police officers, to first select a family who is out shopping.

The officer then stops the family and tells the driver that they will not be receiving a ticket, but instead, gifts. The families receive cash, gift cards, toys and other gifts.

In total, police made 50 traffic stops this year, giving out $25,000 worth of gifts.

All items had been donated to the Attorney General’s Office. This year marks the sixth year Operation Give Back has been in running.

Attorney General Sean Reyes has released the following statement:

While there are so many things to celebrate at Christmas time, the Holiday Season is a painful one for many. Some are facing difficulties with health, loneliness, lost loved ones, financial pressure or other challenges.

That’s why Operation Giveback is one of my favorite events. We can bring some cheer to those who might be struggling and need a little support. We love Utah, particularly when we can put differences aside and lift each other as part of one human family. 

We want to remind Utahns that our law enforcement family cares about them and our communities. I’m proud to work with dedicated men and women in uniform in my office and in many other agencies.

A safe, healthy and love-filled holiday season to all!