Police department teaches students how to ‘Stop the Bleed’

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BRIGHAM CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – Run. Hide. Fight. If you are in an active shooter situation, that is your best plan for survival.

But in the aftermath of an act of violence, knowing how to help victims is crucial.

The Brigham City Police Department is teaching students at Box Elder High School how to ‘Stop the Bleed’ – a nationwide campaign that was started by the White House.

This is the first year officers are teaching students about the campaign which focuses on teaching the public how to ‘Stop the Bleed’ by using a tourniquet.

In an act of violence, individuals who have been hit with a gunshot could suffer fatal injuries due to a loss of blood.

“People can bleed out within two to three minutes,” said BCPD Sgt. Jared Glover. “And so, stopping that bleeding will prevent that blood loss which will then keep someone from dying.”

Glover said during an active shooter situation, as an officer, it’s his job to “step over the wounded and continue after the suspect until the suspect has been eliminated and we can stop the killing.”

He said it would help him – and other responding officers – to know that the community was educated on how to help those they have to pass by.

By teaching students about how to ‘Stop the Bleed,’ Glover hopes this will help students be prepared to help a victim if an act of violence were to occur.

Student Cooper Sutton was one of the participants in learning how to apply a tourniquet.

He said living in a world where acts of violence happen often, it’s scary to think about. However, knowing how to prepare is crucial.

“Well, their life is on the line,” Sutton said. “It depends on how much blood they’re losing but their life is really on the line and if you save a life, that’s really good.”

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