Police department apologizes for misleading post about fentanyl, shopping carts

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LEACHVILLE, Ark. (ABC4 Utah) – A police department in Arkansas is apologizing after a misleading social media post about fentanyl goes viral.

The Leachville Police Department initially warned the public about contact with drugs such as fentanyl from shopping carts and suggested citizens wipe them down.

The department posted the warning on Wednesday, but it was deleted sometime on Thursday.

It read:

Heard something today that’s so worth sharing. You know when you got to Wal-Mart and they have the wipes to clean your cart handle? How many of you don’t use them? Well I do and I always thought of the germs only. Was told today that the police chief also suggests you do it also because of all the problems with drugs now days and if they have Fentanyl or something like that still on their hands and they touch that car handle and then you do, it can get into your system. Scary but worth taking the time to clean the handle. All you’d have to do is rub your nose or touch your child’s mouth. I never even considered this possibility. Children being exposed to just the powder or residue is a bad situation that can turn deadly. Never thought about that. Copy and paste under your status and let’s help keep everyone, especially our children and grandchildren safe.

I don’t normally copy and paste but I thought this needs to get out to all. I normally don’t wipe the handles off the carts but I definitely will do so now.

The post gained nationwide attention and questions into its validity arose.

The officer responsible for the post sent out another message that read: 

The post about the fentanyl was sent to me from another officer at another department. I simply shared it. I (sic) should have checked into it further before I posted it. Sorry for the confusion.

Exposure to fentanyl can be extremely dangerous. The powerful synthetic opioid is suspected in the death of a 10-year-old boy in Miami.

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