Police claim flagger’s mistake caused three car rollover accident in Murray

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MURRAY (News4Utah) – Police say that a crucial mistake by a work crew flagger caused a three car accident at the intersection of 5300 South and State Street that sent two drivers to the hospital Monday morning.

The aftermath of the collision was captured on a Utah Department of Transportation camera as Murray Fire Department personnel worked to get the drivers out of their vehicles.

Murray Police Sergeant Luis Argueta said a member of a crew working on a nearby telecommunications street project mistakenly waved a white Ford SUV through the intersection and right into the path of a northbound car.

“One of the flaggers has possibly given wrong directions to one of the vehicles or the way that he was handling traffic caused the person to believe that they could go when in fact they couldn’t go,” Sgt. Argueta explained. “Basically it created an accident right here which was a rollover, caused the vehicle to rollover.”

That SUV landed on a third car.

K&L Technologies employee Kyle Sisson was one of the crew members who says he was standing in the road about 15 feet away from the collision.

“It was scary because I heard the horn and turned and saw the car coming in and it just smacked the white car and the white car was just up in the air and it just felt like forever it was just up in the air.,” Sisson told News4Utah. “I was just in shock. I was like ‘Oh my gosh. That really just happened’.”

“Don’t necessarily trust what the flagger’s doing but also keep your eyes on surrounding traffic,” Sgt. Argueta advised. “Sometimes the flagger might be telling you something but they can’t see another threat that’s coming another hazard on the side, on your peripheral and so it’s better to just pay attention to everything on the road.”

Fortunately police say that none of the injuries are life threatening and this accident could have been much worse.

Eastbound 5300 South was closed for about an hour while the vehicles were towed away and city crews cleaned debris out of the intersection.

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