UTAH (ABC4) – For a third time this year, wildlife officials have confirmed a wolverine has been spotted in Utah.

An elk hunter, Jeremy Wilcox, shared trail camera photos with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. You can see the photos in the slideshow below.

The wolverine was not alone when it was spotted in early October on the North Slope of the Uinta Mountains. It was photographed with at least two coyotes.

SLIDESHOW: Wolverine spotted with coyotes

DWR says it “appears the wolverine isn’t too happy about the coyotes being there.”

In July, a wolverine was spotted racing past the front yard of a west Layton home. A doorbell camera caught the animal on video, which you can see here:

WATCH: Wolverine spotted in Layton

“If you see the wolverine, please keep your distance, enjoy viewing it, and call us at 801-476-2740 immediately. We’d like to place a GPS collar on the animal and then release it in a high-elevation area. Tracking its movements will teach us more about wolverines in Utah,” DWR said in a Facebook post confirming the sighting.

Wolverine sightings are incredibly rare in the Beehive State, but these are the only sightings this year.

In early May, a wolverine was spotted at Antelope Island State Park. Photos, seen below, show the wolverine making its way through the northwest end of the park.

SLIDESHOW: Wolverine spotted at Antelope Island State Park

Sightings are so rare, in fact, wildlife officials say it’s hard to tell how many are currently in the state. A single wolverine can have a home range as large as 350 square miles, according to DWR.

Wolverines typically scavenge carcasses and are known to hunt many different kinds of animals, ranging from squirrels to birds to larger animals in deep snow. The animal is not listed as threatened or endangered, but are protected by Utah state law.