OREM, Utah (ABC4) – The Orem Police Dept. has shared that one of their police service dogs, Dug, has passed away due to sudden medical complications.

Authorities say Dug passionately served the city of Orem for six years. His mom, Officer Kara Hancock, says Dug couldn’t wait to load up in the truck and head to work each day.

Dug was reportedly a phenomenal narcotics dog and was the top of his class. Police say he loved to hunt for drugs and had impeccable skills, aiding Orem and surrounding cities in getting both criminals and drugs off the streets.

Orem Police say Dug loved putting on demos at schools, and prided himself in standing watch while Officer Hancock made traffic stops, never taking his eyes off her while she was outside of the truck.

Police say he didn’t care to ride in the kennel, but preferred to “stand in the open slider with one paw on mom’s arm.”

Orem Police say Dug will be dearly missed, and they thank him for his countless hours of service and dedicated heart in keeping the public, as well as officers, safe.