Phat Axe opens first Smash Room in Utah

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AMERICAN FORK (News4Utah) – Having a bad day? Smash away! Phat Axe is offering the first Smash Room in the state, where you can destroy objects of your choice and get away with it.

Phat Axe opened its doors in March as an axe-throwing facility. The owner and operator, Nate Stutz said his plans were to open the Smash Room at the same time.

“It was difficult to find the right insurance though,” said Stutz. “But once we finally did, we opened the Smash Room about a month ago.”

Here is how it works – You can choose a reservation between 5 to 15 minutes. Phat Axe requires all guests to sign three pages of waivers. Each participant is required to suit up in protective gear (suit, eye wear, gloves, and helmet) before entering.

Once inside, you can choose your weapon of choice (i.e. sledgehammer, baseball bat, crowbar) and what you want to smash. Items available on site include glass bottles, vinyl records, and old computers. You are allowed to bring your own items as long as you can carry it in and fit it through the door.

“When I was a kid, breaking my brother’s toys was probably the most fun thing I could do, but I always got in trouble for it,” said Stutz. “Here, you can come break whatever we have or you have and leave a mess. Walk out, smiling, knowing that you feel good, and you didn’t break the law.”

After you’re done, you can leave everything behind and Stutz’s team will take care of it for you. He said they recycle whatever they can and then clean up the rest.

“Five to 15 minutes may not sound like a long time. But in here, if you’re going full energy. You’ll wear yourself out. It may seem like a long time, but in all actuality, it’s probably more time than you need,” said Stutz.

Stutz said his inventory is based off donations and it could get difficult keeping up with it.

“A lot of my time is spent looking through the classifieds to see if anyone’s giving away free stuff,” said Stutz. “If anyone has some old stuff they want to get rid of, they can just drop it off in front of our door and we’ll take care of it.”

For more information about Phat Axe, click here.

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