Pets get cold too! Here’s how to protect them from winter dangers

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As we settle into the winter months its important pet owners remember animals get cold too.

“Use your common sense – if it’s negative-20, your pet doesn’t want to be out there any more than you do,” said Dr. Kimberly Helmbold, a BluePearl veterinarian who is board-certified in veterinary emergency and critical care.

Dr. Helmbold said animals can experience hypothermia and even get frostbite. 

“It’s obviously fine to let your dog outside to do his business, or to go on a walk, even in the snow. But don’t make it an 8-hour hike, even if you’re up for it yourself,” she said. Dr. Helmbold also says to make sure to give your pets plenty of water when they are outside.

Check your de-icer

If a de-icer is used on your driveway or the sidewalk outside your apartment, make sure it is a pet-friendly variety. Many types are toxic to dogs, who will lick the salt from between their toes after getting back inside. Talk to your landlord about this if necessary.

Other tips:

Keep your pet on a leash during walks

Don’t let dogs run off into the snow, you never know how deep it is going to be

Be careful when leaving pets in a garage. Cats often curl up next to warm auto engines. Antifreeze often spills on the garage floor and is deadly to animals.

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