Pet owner cries foul after her new puppy comes down with parvo

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UTAH COUNTY (ABC4 News) – Puppy Barn, a pet store with locations in Vineyard and Saratoga Springs, is under fire from a pet owner who claims her puppy came down with an illness shortly after bringing him home. 

Utah resident Madysen McCollum said she bought a 2-month-old puppy named Charlie from the Saratoga Springs location in December. A little over a week later, Charlie came down with parvovirus, resulting in over $2000 worth of vet bills. Her veterinarian told her the while the vaccinations were up to date, the puppy was vaccinated too early. 

“So, when I took him to the vet they said the vaccine that he already had didn’t really do anything for him and it didn’t matter,” said McCollum. 

McCollum said she signed a 7-day health guarantee during which the store would pay for required treatments, but she said Charlie didn’t begin experiencing symptoms of parvovirus until the 8th day. 

“They should be well aware of that manifestation and how long it takes to incubate in their bodies,” said McCollum. 

McCollum said she called Puppy Barn and was told the owner would call her back, but she never heard from him. McCollum said she also reached out on the Puppy Barn Instagram page but was blocked. 

ABC4 News spoke with the owner of Puppy Barn, Matthew Milligan, who said the allegations against his stories are false, and some people are simply uneducated. 

“We care deeply. We vaccinate our puppies,” Milligan said. “We viral-test our puppies. We vet out the breeders with great care.” 

Milligan said that while it’s been traditional to vaccinate at 8, 12, and 16 weeks, veterinarians now recommend vaccinating even earlier. 

“Our veterinarian and Animal Services have for a very long time recommended 6, 8, 10, and 12 weeks,” Milligan said. “Parvovirus is so widespread and rampant that it has changed to a two-week cycle.” 

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