PROVO, Utah (ABC4 News) – A person who tested positive for COVID-19 attended a basketball game at Brigham Young University in February, university officials said Monday.

BYU officials said they were contacted by the Utah County Health Department and notified that an individual who was later diagnosed with COVID-19, or more commonly know as coronavirus attended the men’s basketball game vs. Gonzaga in the Marriott Center on February 22.

Lt. Governor Spencer Cox, the head of the Utah Coronavirus Task Force, confirmed the patient in question is the same Davis County resident health officials announced as the state’s first known case of the virus.

According to the health department, the individual had mild symptoms on February 22 and the risk of transmission to others at the game was low.

As a precaution, those who were sitting within six feet of the individual are being contacted to let them know of the possible exposure.

“I think what we’re kind of dealing with right now is what we call the worried well. So you have a huge amount of people that were attending this basketball game. But really, our message to people is don’t panic. What we’re most worried about is the people in that six-foot radius,” said Aislynn Tolman-Hill with the Utah County Health Department.

Health department officials are now contacting individuals who had close contact with the diagnosed patient in order to determine their potential exposure to COVID-19.

Individuals who are not contacted are not considered by the Utah Department of Health to be at risk and do not need to take any further action. Tolman-Hill reassured that those who may have visited the same areas as this patient, such as concession areas or restrooms should not be concerned.

“Those very quick kind of walking by, maybe or being in that same area that the person was in an hour or 10 minutes before isn’t necessarily that we could consider a high-risk,” she said.”

University officials said state and county health officials indicated there is no ongoing risk within the Marriott Center.

“All high-touch surfaces are regularly disinfected. No closure of the facility is necessary at present,” said BYU in a statement released on Twitter.

BYU officials said they will continue to assess the safety of hosting large gatherings on campus. The community is directed to and for more information.