Parking tips for skiers and snowboarders

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OGDEN (ABC4News) – Getting up the mountain can be a major battle for skiers, and the temptation to park on the side of the road can be high, but resorts say don’t do it. 38 cars were towed while parked illegally outside of Snowbasin resort on Christmas Eve. 

General Manager Davy Ratchford said, “It was a tough day; we feel bad for those guests.  There was plenty of parking for those people; I think a lot of them gambled because they park there frequently and sometimes they get ticketed, sometimes they get towed, and sometimes nothing happens.”

Resorts incentivize carpooling and public transit in various ways, be sure to check with your resort to find out what kind of deals and specific accommodations they provide.  

Ratchford said, “the best thing you can do for any ski resort really, not just snow basin, is to try and use public transportation, try carpool, do the best you can, because it’s always tough for parking.”

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