Park City teacher disciplined after asking students to read anti-Trump lyrics

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PARK CITY, Utah (News4Utah) — A middle school teacher at Treasure Mountain Junior High School has been placed on leave after she instructed her students to recite the lyrics to a song that slams President Donald Trump.

The song is by Eminem. It’s called “Like Home.”

Some parents weren’t happy when they heard about the lesson.

“We started receiving phone calls about it and realized that it was not only inappropriate for that maturity level of kids – 8th and 9th graders – but also wasn’t the right piece to select,” said the Park City District Communication Director, Melinda Colton.

Colton says the veteran teacher was trying to teach her students about biases in society. Sharing the lyrics of the song was just one part of a lesson; the other part was planned for the next day. Colton says the teacher was about to teach students about a poem titled “A Rock A River A Tree” by Maya Angelou.

“What she was wanting to do, was talk about these biases and how these lyrics were based on emotion – none of it based on fact,” said Colton. “The next day, she was going to present another example of just the opposite. You can be emotional but you have to have the facts with it.”

Although Colton doesn’t believe the teacher had bad intentions, she says it was best to remove her from the classroom for the time being.

“You have students of all different backgrounds, religious views, political views and we just have to be careful to make sure we’re an inclusive classroom at all times,” said Colton.

Colton says this experience can be a good lesson for everyone.

“Whether the president was Republican or Democrat it wouldn’t matter,” said Colton. “It’s still about respect for that office and really it’s about the profanity and vulgarity that was in it.”

Colton encourages parents to discuss any future concerns with the teacher first, although they are still welcome to express concerns directly to the school principal.

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