SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – A member of the Carbon High School drill team claims the drill coach allegedly forced another drill team member to attend practice, even though she had tested positive for COVID.

“She forced a girl to come to practice while she was still supposed to be in quarantine, because she contracted COVID, but her daughter and herself were not at that practice,” says the drill team member, who wishes to stay anonymous. The teammate who tested positive for Covid attended practice because the coach allegedly threatened to remove her from an upcoming regional competition. “She was still kind of out of breath and coughing and she said she was stuffed up and couldn’t breathe,” says the drill team member.

Concerned parents told ABC4 they reached out to the school district and the school administrators with several emails.

“So three parents contacted me and was like, did your daughter tell you what happened today, did your daughter tell you about what happened, so all of our children came home and told us this,” says one parent, who wishes to stay anonymous. The parent says she did receive a response from the school.

“They said that they do look into all complaints and investigate any complaints brought in. And as far as the covid goes they follow all of the health department guidelines,” the parent says.

ABC4 reached out to the Carbon School District and received the following statement:

“We follow all COVID guidelines from the Health Department.  Also, when our administrators receive concerns from parents, we follow a process to fully investigate each claim.”

But the parent ABC4 spoke with says it is the coach’s responsibility to keep the team as safe as possible.

“Your child might be ok, my child might be ok, me and my husband and my family might be ok but there’s a chance that there’s somebody’s family member that’s not going to be ok,” the parent says.

Several parents came forward to talk with ABC4 but wished to stay anonymous. ABC4 also contacted Carbon High School, the drill team coach, and the athletic director at the high school but have not yet received a response at the time of publishing this story.