UTAH (ABC4) – As families in Uvalde, Texas struggle to make sense of the massacre, Utah parents say they are heartbroken and that their thoughts go out to Robb Elementary.

“Just seeing pictures of parents weeping with their kids, it hits pretty close to home. It’d be pretty scary to have my kids go through something like that,” said Mike Horrocks.

Andrea Pili, a mother of five, was a teacher at the time the Sandy Hook Shooting happened, and she says this looks all too familiar.

“Your mind just goes back to where you were when you first heard about it happening again, and how the children and the people felt in that building in that school at that time. And your hearts are shattered and completely with them and their families and you just want to hug your kids a little bit extra tighter,” Pili said.

Jenna Anderson, a mother of four, says this was difficult to talk about with her children, and she hopes it’s the last time that she will need to.

“They might have to face some scary, scary things in this world at a young age. I didn’t have that as reality as a kid.”

Rhett Larsen with the Utah State board of Education says that they want to assure parents that they are doing everything they can to keep students safe.

“As devastating as this is, our schools are generally safe spaces, and I like to make sure our parents do know that” he said.

Larsen is a member of the School Safety Center, which focuses on preparing threat assessment guidelines for schools.

“We really want to emphasize the importance that schools have multi-disciplinary teams who work together in evaluating their school safety measures,” Larsen said. “…We are continually engaging in conversation and working out what do we need to do to ensure that safety and we will continue to do so.”