Parents of teen who died in ‘pink’ overdose sue darknet market and shipping company

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PARK CITY, Utah (News4Utah) – The parents of a 13-year-old who overdose on a synthetic opioid known as ‘pink’ are suing the darknet market as well as the shipping company that sent the drug from China to Utah. 

James and Deborah Seaver lost their son Grant in 2016 along with Grant’s best friend 13-year-old Ryan Ainsworth when the two boys ingested the drug two days apart from each other. The drug was later found to have been shipped from China through a purchase on the darknet. 

The companies named in the lawsuit are AlphaBay and the estate of the founder Alexandre Cazes, The Onion Router or Tor, and the shipping company, China Postal Express and Logistics Company.

AlphaBay was investigated by the Justice Department and was taken down and Cazes was arrested in Thailand. He died by suicide while in police custody.

The Seaver’s are suing for $10 million in their wrongful death lawsuit filed Friday in the United States District Court of Utah Central Division. The lawsuit claims AlphaBay (known as the largest darknet market) sold controlled substances between 2014 and 2017 to anonymous buyers and supplied the shipment that ended up in the hands of their son and his best friend. 

The Seaver’s have also filed a lawsuit against the parents of several of their son’s friends who they believe were involved in one way or another in their son’s death, including Ainsworth’s parents. 

A 17-year-old girl has been charged with felony drug distribution in direct relation to Seaver and Ainsworth’s deaths and the lawsuit states that prior to the boy’s deaths the girl’s parents discovered drugs purchased by three other juveniles they had shipped to their daughter but did not report it to police.

Grant’s parents state more could have been done by the parents to prevent the distribution of the drug and ultimately their son’s death. 

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