UTAH (ABC4) – Robyn Ivins started filling in for teachers when her kids enrolled in the Granite School District.

“It was just here and there for teachers I was friends with or if the secretary needed some last-minute she would call me that it was just minimal,” said Ivins.

When the pandemic hit, she went into overdrive. Since the start of the school year, Robyn has been working three to four days a week.

“She’s been in PE. She’s done yoga. She’s done weightlifting. She’s done foreign languages. She’s done health. You name it,” said Cottonwood High School Principal Terri Roylance.

Before the pandemic, Roylance said she needed about five substitute teachers a day. Now she needs 10 a day. On her worst day, she needed 17. Roylance said one time she had to take seven classes into the auditorium while her secretary worked to find teachers for each class.

Ivins says she loves helping the school. The hours are flexible and she gets to enjoy all the “fun parts of teaching” she used to do when she was a full-time teacher.

“This sounds so crazy, but I kind of feel like subbing is really the best job because I’m like the grandma, I get to come in and spoil the kids and have fun. Have a little dance party and then send them home to their teachers,” said Ivins.

Ivins says her teenagers don’t seem to mind her working at their school. They even say hi to her in the halls.

“My kids have to grin and bear it and they don’t have a choice. I’m here whether or not they want me,” laughed Ivins.

If you have a high school diploma or a GED and love to learn, the Granite School District says they want to talk to you!