NORTH OGDEN, Utah (ABC4) – Grace Grunander’s parents describe her as the kindest person they know, the protector of her younger siblings, and a friend to everyone she met. Megan Grunander, Grace’s mother, said Grace regularly made friendship bracelets and gave them to her friends and classmates to let people know she was there and cared about them. 

So when Grace passed away, her family decided to continue her legacy by asking those who knew her to make pink friendship bracelets that they will collect and then give out for people to wear. 

“Maybe when they look down on it, it’ll be a little reminder of the light Grace lived her life with, and remember to be a little kinder, because this world is mean and it doesn’t have to be, and she really made it such a better place,” said Megan.

Once Grace’s loved ones started working on the bracelets, the word spread quickly, with people across the community making bracelets. 

“Some of them have been people we work with, some of them have been people that we know that live by us in our community, I’ve seen social media posts of college students making bracelets in their dorm rooms,” said Megan.

While Grace’s father, Todd Grunander and Megan knew their daughter was loving, they said since her death, they have been receiving message after message from people who say Grace touched their lives.

“It’s been special to have those come in as we try to wade through our grief and pain. To just know that at least a little something of her, a little glimmer of light of her will live on in so many people,” said Megan.

They hope Grace’s legacy will continue to comfort those who are lonely and help everybody love, just like Grace. 

“If we can touch just one kid so he will be kind to another kid. So that one kid in school can make a friend that he wouldn’t have made otherwise. That’s what Grace would have wanted us to do,” said Todd. 

Grace was caring and wanted everyone to be happy and have the opportunities she had. That’s why Grace’s family set up the Grace Charlene Grunander Memorial Scholarship Fund through America First Credit Union. The funds will go to help pay tuition for other kids to go to a University in the state of Utah, in the name of Grace. Part of the funds will also help pay for children joining the Vocal Motion Show Choir, which Grace was a member of.

The family is also encouraging the community to make pink friendship bracelets and give them to those around them or mail them to 1085 W 3150 N Pleasant View Utah, 84414. The family will give the bracelets out during Grace’s viewing and funeral services. The family hopes the friendship bracelets will help people of all ages be kind to each other in memory of Grace.