Owners give up huskies involved in severe Layton dog bite incident

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LAYTON (ABC4 News) –  The two huskies involved in biting a four-year-old boy’s hand and forearm off will not be euthanized but they won’t be going home either. 

Wednesday morning at 11:55 Polar and Bear’s owners signed their rights over to Davis County Animal Control.

That was after the owners were notified that they were going to be cited for two counts of possession of dangerous animals and two counts of public nuisance animals.

Rhett Nicks is the Director of Davis County Animal Care and Control.

“We talked to the owners of the dogs yesterday. They were a little upset. we gave them some time. We thought we were going to have to issue citations. We started that process,” Nicks said. “The owners contacted us this morning and the dogs were signed over to us so going forward we’ll be looking for a rescue or sanctuary for the dogs somewhere outside of the state most likely…The goal essentially for us was to find the best outcome essentially for all parties involved and unfortunately, it was one of those situations where nobody wins. It’s just kind of a lousy situation all around but we’re still looking for the best outcome in those circumstances.”

The dogs’ owner did not want to speak on camera but told ABC4 that Polar and Bear provided emotional support for his wife and daughter and that he felt pressured by the County to give the dogs up. He added that the huskies had never hurt anyone before. 

“The dogs in our opinion aren’t necessarily vicious. They seem to be pretty decent dogs,” Nicks said. “They’ve been decent with our staff and that’s one of the reasons we’re looking to deal with a relocation rather than a euthanasia.” 

Nicks says that Polar and Bear will be neutered and microchipped before being sent to their new home, wherever that might be. 

An online petition to save Polar and Bear’s lives has received over 243,000 signatures.

The boy’s family has not done interviews but on Wednesday his mother Hope Brown posted a picture of her son Austin on Facebook… with a post explaining that his entire right forearm was chewed off 5 centimeters below his elbow and detailing his long road to recovery both physically and emotionally. 

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