DAVIS COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – Over $10 million has been awarded to the family of a woman who died while incarcerated in Davis County in 2016.

In late December 2016, 28-year-old Heather Miller was arrested on drug possession charges and booked into the Davis County Jail.

While in prison, Miller fell from her top bunk, rupturing her spleen before “slowly bleeding to death.”

An autopsy report revealed she had lost over a liter of blood.

A civil rights lawsuit filed was then filed in 2018 against the Davis County Sheriff’s office blaming the jail staff for her death.

According to a press release sent out Tuesday afternoon, court officials determined Miller did not receive “proper medical assessment or monitoring.”

Court documents show that a Davis County Jail nurse, Marvin Anderson, violated Miller’s constitutional rights by denying and delaying medical care for her.

It was also determined that Davis County had too violated Miller’s constitutional rights by operating the jail “without training or supervision for its nurses, and for abandoning and not having nursing protocols in violation of national standards and the Davis County Jail’s policy manual.”