SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Salt Lake City officials say they have a new way to deal with the homeless crisis.

Thursday, the city announced a new effort to bring a tiny home village to the capital city.

Mayor Erin Mendenhall is calling the Other Side Village a much-needed bold move. The village aims to have 400 to 500 homes that are roughly 400 square feet and equipped with a kitchen and bathroom. These homes are meant for those who are chronically unsheltered.

Tiny Home Concept provided by Salt Lake City

“We need a pretty big chunk of land because we do not want to ever have to move this community and we would like it to be able to grow and expand,” says the mayor.

The site of the Other Side Village is not yet known.

The mayor says, “It’s maybe more about not close to industrial, yes close to transportation, absolutely, and in a stable community.”

Students at the Other Side Academy are pledging the first $50,000 for the village.

Tiny Home Concept provided by Salt Lake City

Joseph Grenny with Other Side Academy tells us, “Tiny homes are a great concept, but tiny homes without the right culture can be a tiny disaster at some point. And so, what the Other Side Academy felt required us to step forward is to share what we know how to do, creating a peer culture of accountability and strong norms that will make this a wonderful place to live.”

Mayor Mendenhall believes the city will be able to use money from the American Rescue Plan to fund the tiny home village. She wants it in place by November if possible. Teams are reviewing sites and the city hopes to have more information on the Other Side Village by next month.