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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) Former football standout will spend a year in jail. Osa Chad Masina was sentenced Tuesday afternoon for three counts of sexual battery.

Masina is a former Brighton High School standout and earned a scholarship to play at University of Southern California.

Judge Keith Kelly sentenced Masina to a year in the county jail and ordered probation for three years. 
“Based upon the serious offenses that we’re dealing with and the heinousness of these crimes and significant trauma victim, I’m convince I should, in general follow the reccommendation of AP&P (Adult, Probation & Parole),” Judge Kelly said.
Prior to sentencing Masina addressed the court offering an apology to the court and the victim’s family.
“I would like to start off by apologizing to (victim’s) family and I hope all this pain that they’ve come through can be overcome and find forgiveness,” Masina said in an open courtroom.
But his victim thought his apology missed the mark.  She said Masina never apologized to her and it didn’t offer any trace of remorse.
In court she said a day never passes without thinking about what happened.
“I’ve not been able to sleep,” she said.  “You got a new girlfriend, I got a therapist.”
The victim said their first sex act in California was consensual but not the second time in Cottonwood Heights.
“You gave me a drug to calm me down, used some marijuana and thenet thing I remember is (sex act) and asked what’s going on,” she said.
Prosecutors claimed Masina gave her a drug that knocked her out and was in no position to give consent.
“I woke up having sex with you and my body was numb,” she said.  “The pain was unbearable.”
She recalled waking up the next morning and leaving the house and arrived at a neighbor’s house and fell to the ground.  Police later said the neighbor found her naked, offered her a blanket and called 911.
“I felt violated again after seeing the injuries,” the victim said.  “You took advantage of me.”
She said she was re-victimized when word of the attack went viral on social media.  she said many called her a “slut, whore” on social media.
“I felt like I was the one who did something wrong,” she said.
Defense attorney Greg Skordas asked that Masina be given probation.  He said Masina has already been punished, losing his scholarship to USC.  Skordas said Masina was a model defendant with Adult, Probation and Parole.  Skordas said Masina has never been committed of any crime.  He also argued in court that Prosecutors were attempting to have him sentenced as if sexual battery was a first degree felony, not a Class A misdemeanor.
But the judge disagreed with that position and ordered Masina jailed.
Afterwards, the victim said justice wasn’t served.
“Honestly in my opinion, no,” she said.  “But I am happy he will be able to serve jail time, (to)think about it, what he did to me and change.  They talk about how he lost everything but they don’t realize what I lost.”
The victim said she was glad her story was finally publicized and was believed by police, prosecutors and the judge.

“I never had a chance to say no, never had a chance to fight him off or resist or anything,” she said.  “It doesn’t matter what happened before, what matters is what happened at the moment.  Just because you have consensual sex one time, that doesn’t mean you can have it whenever.”

As for Masina, his attorney hopes with good behavior, he won’t spend the full year in jail.

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