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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (News4Utah) –  The Red Cross and several organizations are seeking help as they respond to Hurricane Florence.

After several disasters last year some are feeling what’s known as “donor fatigue” from being asked to help so much. Those who lived through last year’s hurricanes tell us how vital the help is.

Rich Woodruff is the Communications Director for the local Red Cross and said they’ve already sent six people and resources to the Carolinas.

“Really all over the country this is an all hands on deck scenario,” said Woddruff.

The Red Cross said this is a good reminder for everyone to keep enough supplies on hand to survive at least 72 hours.

With heavy flooding and damage expected from this storm, many are being asked to step up and help with the effort. After last year’s devastating hurricane season it’s not uncommon for people to feel donor fatigue for being asked to help in so many causes.

“I think donor fatigue is a very real problem,” said Woodruff. “We always have to reinforce the message that the need is constant. Disasters big and small.”

Woodruff notes they also help with small house fires and local disasters like the wildfires across he state.

Michelle Willard of St. George knows just how vital those emergency services can be. She had to ride out Hurricane Irma in the U.S. Virgin Islands last year. When the category 5 storm hit it collapsed part of the shelter they were in.

“We just have a new perspective and we’re just happy to be alive and that we need to give back,” said Willard. “The people in St. Thomas were so good to us and the Red Cross saved our lives.”

With so many storms making landfall around that time she also feels the Virgin Islands were overlooked.

“The people in the Virgin Islands they pretty much felt forgotten because there were hurricanes going on in Florida, and other hurricanes going on in Puerto Rico,” said Willard.

Michelle and her cousin are planning a trip back to St. Thomas at the end of the month to drop off supplies, and help those who helped them during the storm.

She is collecting supplies and money for the trip through a GoFundMe account. The Red Cross is also collecting funds for the relief efforts.

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