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OREM, Utah (ABC4News) — An Orem woman wants to spread more awareness of her stillbirth tragedy in order to prevent them from happening to anyone else. Her condition is called cholestasis of pregnancy.  

Five years ago today, Neena Earl, of Orem, delivered her stillborn baby, Indi.

“He looked at this monitor and said see this right here this is her heart and it’s not beating, and our world just crumbled.”

They honor Indi’s life every day.

Neena had several red flags during pregnancy.

“I started becoming really itchy.”

She tested positive at 35 weeks of cholestasis of pregnancy. It causes bile acid buildup in the liver and can cause miscarriages.

Neena says her doctor didn’t seem too concerned.

“He seemed we’d be fine didn’t need to be monitored, didn’t need to be seen. It was hard as a first-time pregnant mom to think, ‘Am I crazy?’ Don’t want to be that patient.”
Neena now knows she had plenty of reason to panic. 

Maternal-Fetal Medicine experts at Intermountain Medical Center say the major indicator is severe itching on your hands and feet during the 2nd and 3rd trimester.  If you test positive for cholestasis your doctor may move up you delivery date.

Neena would add getting a non-stress test for the baby twice a week.
“The decision was there, go straight to labor and delivery or go home. If I had gone straight to labor and delivery there is a real scenario that she would be here and he sent me home and she died the next day.”

Neena still had to deliver her baby.

“It was an incredible experience to have her hold her and see her finally. You have these ideas who she is, what she looks like and to finally see her, felt peaceful.”

Neena now has two beautiful sons. The couple wants to spread awareness about the condition and to be your best advocate and change doctors if need be.

“Because it doesn’t always turn out OK,” said Andy, father. 

“It’s my life. It’s my child’s life. I’m paying these doctors and I should have a say in how I should be taken care of,” said Neena. 

Since their tragedy, Neena has gotten messages all over the globe of people saying thanks to her awareness and her story their baby is alive. By the way, Neena is pregnant with her fourth child.

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