OREM, Utah (ABC4) – A man who allegedly shot at a driver and child after he crashed a stolen car over the weekend was booked on 16 charges Tuesday.

Gene Patrick Contreras, 35, allegedly walked away from a crash scene in Orem on Saturday morning around 7:34 a.m. As Contreras walked away from the scene, a witness and their son who was sitting in the front passenger seat began following Contreras and confronted him about leaving the crash.

As Contreras was being confronted, he “displayed” a handgun and fired three rounds at the witness and her son, striking the car. He then left the area, according to court records.

Officers located Contreras near 1000 South 100 East where gunfire was exchanged between the two parties. Contreras allegedly ran into a nearby home and asked the residents of the home where the car keys and phone were. He then ordered them to go to the basement while “waving his gun around.”

Contreras then walked outside of the home and fired his gun at three officers. When the officers returned the fire, Contreras was hit.

He made contact with officers letting them know that he had been hit. Contreras then threw two handguns out of the window of the home he was barricaded in.

During a preliminary investigation, officers found that the gray Honda passenger car Contreras had crashed had been reported and listed as stolen.

Contreras was booked into Utah County on five charges of attempted murder, five charges of felony discharge of a firearm, one charge of aggravated assault, one charge of aggravated burglary, one charge of accident involving property damage, one charge of failure to yield, one charge of possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person, and one charge of theft of a firearm or operable vehicle.

Officers are also looking for witnesses that saw the accident or the shooting. The Orem Police Department announced Tuesday that they are currently looking for a woman who was wearing a pink dress that walked away from the accident scene.

Courtesy: Orem Police Department