Orem Police officer shows us why you don’t leave kids or pets in hot cars

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OREM, Utah (ABC4 Utah)-The Orem Police Department Facebook page is known to show some personality. From “Tattletale Tuesday” to “Daily Shenanigans”, OPD’s posts are often “liked” and “shared” by hundreds.

Tuesday, one of their own officers sat in a patrol car and made a S’more while talking about the dangers of leaving animals and children in hot cars.

Temperatures were in the high 90s outside when Lt. Craig Martinez started his 20+ minute long Facebook live broadcast. “Today we are trying to show parents, and those with pets the dangers of leaving someone in a car,” he said.

Paramedics were monitoring Lt. Martinez throughout the whole process. He started off with a body temperature of 98.1 but after the 20 minute long ordeal his temp had reached 102. His heart rate raced to 127 beats per minute by the end of the ordeal.

The car’s internal temperature went from around 80 degrees to 98 degrees in just over 20 minutes.

“Please make sure you pass this message on…you’ve got to pass this message on to your family and loved ones. To those with pets. This is extremely dangerous to be left alone in a car in the summer…well anytime during the year,” Lt. Martinez said.

It got so hot inside the car that Lt. Martinez wasn’t even able to finish the broadcast. The iPad he was using overheated and cut the video short.

According to kidsandcars.org, 23 children have already died of heatstroke from being left alone in a hot car this year. One of those, in St. George. 

You can watch the full Facebook live video here:

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