Orem Police Department releases video after officers were confronted with a gun

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The Orem Police Department released a video on their Facebook page Thursday in hopes to give the public a little insight into their day-to-day job.

The video shows an officer talking to someone in a car at night. You hear him say, ”Give me your right name…you’re giving me false info do you want to be charged on that? I’m trying to work with you guys,” he says.

The officers had been called to the area after a report of a suspicious occupied vehicle. This simple, basic call soon took a turn.

The video shows the teen suspect open the door and point a gun directly at the officers.

“Are you kidding me?!” One of the officer says as he takes the gun from the teens hand and forces him to the ground.

“Had he been a bit further away, this may have ended differently because what you can’t see from this angle is that [the officer] had seen the gun at the last second and drew his handgun but decided not to shoot because [his partner] had gotten too close to the suspect to take him down,” the Facebook post explained.

Once on the ground you hear the teen say “kill me”. That did not happen.

The weapon displayed ended up being a BB gun, but officers did not know that at the time.

“This situation is NOT being used to critique any other incident that happened somewhere else,” the post said, explaining every use of force situation is different.

“Sometimes when people want to do bad things, we can’t prevent it, we can only try to minimize the damage.”

The video was posted as two parts on the department’s Facebook page. Part one stopped before the suspect opened the door. Part two is shown below:

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