OREM, Utah (ABC4) – An Orem man who was taken to the hospital after a standoff with SWAT and Orem Police has been booked into Utah County Jail. 

Zackrey Newman, 31, was charged with three first degree felony counts of attempted murder, two felony third degree counts of felony discharge of a firearm, two third degree felony counts of domestic violence in presence of a child, and one third degree felony charge of aggravated assault. Newman also faces two Class B misdemeanors of child abuse, a Class B misdemeanor of criminal mischief, and a Class C misdemeanor of intoxication.

According to a booking affidavit, Newman had gotten into an argument with his wife about relationship issues after the two had started drinking the night before. Newman’s wife reportedly retreated into a bedroom and their two children and locked the door but Newman was able to enter by damaging the door. 

Newman reportedly yelled “You’re done! You’re done, you’re all done!” while looking at his family. According to the affidavit, Newman began swinging both his fits as his wife shielded herself and her children. Officials say she was struck in the legs and thumb multiple times by Newman.

Newman’s wife and two kids were able to escape to a neighbor’s house by climbing out of a bedroom window when Newman retreated to the main living area. According to the affidavit, before the escape, Newman’s wife reported hearing a gun go off and feared for her and her children’s lives.

Orem Police arrived at the residence, making contact with Newman. 

Officers reportedly commanded Newman to drop his gun, but when he exited the house with his gun in his hand, he did not drop the weapon. Shots were fired at Newman, who retreated back into the house and police say they heard another gunshot from inside the home.

When Newman returned to the front door a second time, he reportedly told police if he came outside “there would be a gunfight in the street” and either he or an officer would die. Newman opened the door again and police say a second volley of gunfire was exchanged before he retreated again back into the home.

Orem PD negotiated with Newman through an open window of the residence. 

“Zack told officers there was no coming back from this and if he opened the door again he would shoot officers. Multiple times, Zack said to officers, ‘lets have a gunfight in the street,’” said the affidavit. 

SWAT eventually arrived on the scene and reportedly three members approached the home. According to the affidavit, they were fired upon by Newman through the window as they approached.

Newman was apprehended and taken to a local hospital for injuries before being transferred to Utah County Jail.