OREM, Utah (ABC4 News) – Jaiden and Lindsie Ward have little reminders of their son, Royce, all over their home; Lindsie even wears a necklace with his name on it.

“He was the funniest little kid you’d ever met…he loved to dance; he knew how to make you laugh,” said Lindsie.

Royce was 20 months old when he fell off the bed and went into cardiac arrest. He had to be flown to the children’s hospital in Santa Clarita, California, where the couple was living and working at the time. Three days after his fall on July 7, 2018, Royce was declared brain-dead.

His death thrust the couple into a period of grief they had never known.

Royce Ward (Courtesy: rightlyroyce.com)

“All of a sudden he’s gone and we don’t know what to do,” recalled Lindsie. “We’ve kind of lost our sense of purpose.”

That sense of purpose came back a few months after Royce’s death. Touched by the many well-wishes, gifts, and artwork given to the Wards in honor of Royce, the couple was inspired to start a custom-jewelry company of their own. That’s when “Rightly Royce” was formed.

Now, the couple has transformed Royce’s bedroom into a workspace where Lindsie hand-crafts custom jewelry, sometimes made of 14 karat gold, for people bereft of loved ones.

It’s become her passion as she deals with her own grief.

“It helps me enjoy getting up every day,” said Lindsie.

“Love definitely goes beyond the grave,” said Jaiden. “When a tragedy happens, you can either become really bitter, or you can decide ‘I’m gonna make a difference because of this.'”

Ten percent of the proceeds go to the children’s hospital in California that treated Royce. The couple also uses some of the proceeds to help grieving families, just as they were helped when they lost Royce.

On the company’s website, they feature stories of others battling similar grief experiences, as a way to spread hope and healing.

The couple has been astonished at the response to their products, and are thinking about expanding. Both have made “Rightly Royce” their full-time job.

For more information about “Rightly Royce,” click here.


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