SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Operation Underground Railroad released a statement to ABC4 on the most recent lawsuit against O.U.R. and Tim Ballard.

The lawsuit alleges that a group of women were subjected to sexual harassment, spiritual manipulation, grooming, and sexual misconduct by Ballard while working at O.U.R.

In the statement, O.U.R. states that they reached out multiple times to the women’s attorney, Suzette Rasmussen, to hear the women’s concerns.

The statement reads as follows:

O.U.R. reached out multiple times to Ms. Rasmussen to engage with her and hear her client’s concerns, but she seemed intent on litigating her client’s issues in a public forum. Now that OUR has reviewed the Complaint, it categorically denies the allegations as they relate to OUR. Moreover, Ms. Rasmussen’s characterizations of the Board’s intentions and actions are entirely misguided and speculative. OUR looks forward to the litigation process and is confident that the truth will prevail.
O.U.R. has taken strong measures to ensure objectivity in every step of this process and it remains committed to doing so in order for the focus to return to the children as soon as possible.
O.U.R. is confident in its future as the leading organization committed to combatting sex trafficking and saving children who have been captured and sold into slavery.

O.U.R Public Relations

The SPEAR Fund later released a statement on the lawsuit saying “Mr. Ballard vehemently denies the allegations brought by these unnamed women.” Read the full statement below:

The Spear Fund did not exist during the time of the alleged conduct and had nothing to do with it. Mr. Ballard vehemently denies the allegations brought by these unnamed women. He looks forward to vindicating his name in the courts where evidence, and not unsubstantiated accusations in the media, decides the outcome.

Mark L. Eisenhut, Attorney for The SPEAR Fund