SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – On April 6, Paris Hilton along with a panel of lawmakers and advocates will sit down with ABC4’s Glen Mills to discuss congregate care reform and using your voice to create policy change.

In February, Hilton testified on a bill that addresses the issues she has been advocating for with youth treatment facilities.

In September, Hilton started a petition with allegations against Provo Canyon School. It addressed what she claims as “institutional child abuse she suffered as a teenager at Provo Canyon School (PCS), a notorious residential treatment center in Utah that still operates today,” as stated in the petition.

The petition, on, says Hilton went to Provo Canyon School in her youth and claims her experience has a “horrific legacy of abuse and mistreatment.”

This came after a documentary, “This is Paris,” was released on YouTube.

“It’s time to shut the school down to ensure the safety of the children at this school now and prevent future generations of survivors,” she said in the petition.

Hilton will be joined by the following guests to discuss the importance of using your voice to advocate for policy change:

  • Sen. Mike McKell, Utah
  • Sen. Sara Gelser, Oregon
  • Caroline Lorson, a survivor of the troubled teen industry, host of #Breaking Code Silence Podcast
  • Jessica Miller, Salt Lake Tribune reporter
  • Amanda Nguyen – Nobel peace prize nominee and creator of RISE justice labs

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