‘Online learning is stressful,’ says student at Jordan School District

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WEST JORDAN, Utah (ABC 4 News)– Wednesday, Mountain Ridge and West Jordan High School are closed as the school prepares for online learning which starts on Thursday. 

Wednesday, Some students showing up for school, only to be turned away.

“I got the email from my Zoology teacher saying they were going to close school,” student Paola Rodriquez said. “Honestly I hate it”. “Last year, online was stressful for me and I don’t want to go through that again”.

Rodriquez wants to stay in school, she is not one of the 200 combined students at West Jordan High and Mountain Ridge High in Herriman under quarantine. 

According to the district, West Jordan High has 29 confirmed cases of COVID 19 which is the most in the district. 

“People are carefree they have their masks under the nose which I want to do the same thing but I hate when people come to me and say put your mask on so I just keep it on,” Rodriquez said.

Tuesday, The Jordan School District voted to suspend In-person learning the two high schools for 13 days including fall break, the decision was met by opposition. Comments from parents against in-person learning were read by board members. 

“My son does not learn well virtually due to his learning disabilities- my hope is that in-person learning will be can be continued and encouraged,” parent Sarah Peterson said.

Some teachers saying concerns over COVID are impacting mental health.

“We have essentially become both in-person and online teachers and because many teachers are on quarantine there aren’t enough subs so teachers are asked to cover classes during prep this additional workload and stress is taking its toll,” teacher Avy Smith said.

Despite Rodriquez wanting to learn in-person, she understands the district’s decision.
“I hope that soon we get to come to school again,” Rodriquez said.

Students are scheduled to return to in-person learning until Oct. 27.

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