HOLLADAY, Utah (ABC4 News) – Typical kids who are experiencing an atypical school year.

It’s no secret the coronavirus pandemic has caused students in the graduating class of 2020 to miss out on many highly anticipated events that come as a rite of passage during your senior year.  

Olympus High School, in Holladay, is honoring its COVID class of 2020 by displaying a blown-up photo banner of each graduating senior and placing them on the fence outside the school

Olivia Fry, Olympus High senior shared her thoughts with ABC4 News on the banners and what it’s been like living through a time she imagined much differently.

Olivia Fry

“I think I speak for most all of high school seniors when I say that this has been an extremely difficult time for us. Being a senior during all of this feels so desperately sad and it’s very hard to keep a smile on.” Fry says as difficult as it’s been, the Olympus High principal, parents, and community have tried so hard to make seniors feel special and “extra loved” during this unique situation.

“The pictures hanging on the soccer-field fence was a complete surprise even to the PTA. Mr. Perschon [Olympus High School Principal] has been doing his very hardest to make us feel honored and he’s been doing a great job. I’m so grateful for the amazing faculty and community that we have here at Olympus High.

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